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Space Availability - Central Library

Library rooms are available at NO charge for use by local nonprofit or community groups or individuals for informational, educational, cultural, or civic meetings and programs when the rooms are not scheduled for Library purposes.  Guest users without library cards must be physically present to book a study room and can only make a reservation for same-day use. To book larger rooms, please see our Community Rooms Page.

Before reserving a room, please read the Guidelines for Use of Study Rooms.

  • Room Capacities: 
    • Room A = 4 (downstairs)
    • Room B = 10 (downstairs) 
    • Idea Lab (Room C) = 10 (downstairs)
    • Room D = 4 (downstairs)
    • Room E = 6 (downstairs)
    • Room F = 2 (upstairs)
  • All Central library study rooms have a whiteboard.
  • Study rooms B and C (The Idea Lab) have a smart TV with Chromecast connectivity.
  • The Idea Lab can also be booked as a community room if certain criteria are met.

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